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Wheelchair Ramps

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Wheelchair Ramps In Central New York

If you’re looking for a Central New York-based company that installs home wheelchair ramps for an affordable price, you have found the right place. All you need to do is complete the form above and we’ll get your free wheelchair ramp quote started for you right away. It’s that easy!

Premier Medical installs wheelchair ramps – also known as modular ramps – throughout the Central New York area. Wheelchair ramps offer customers convenience and safety when entering and exiting their homes, eliminating the necessity of climbing stairs. Our ramps are made of aluminum.

“How do I get in my home with stairs?”, is a question we hear quite often. Until a medical event or injury occurs, we seldom even notice the number of steps into our homes. But these steps are the biggest obstacles in staying safely in your own home – and – it’s the primary way to assess the necessary length of your particular ramp.


You can estimate the cost of your custom wheelchair ramp using our pricing guide here: How Much Does a Wheelchair Ramp Cost? Keep in mind that the various wheelchair ramp styles and lengths will all affect your final price.

See wheelchair ramp rentals for information on how much it costs to rent a wheelchair ramp from us.

Benefits Of Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair ramps allow customers to access their home at a gentle enough slope; almost as if you’re walking on a sidewalk with a slight incline. Wheelchair ramps help to:

  • Fall prevention
  • Stability when stepping into the tub or shower
  • Stability when walking through an area with a tripping hazard, a threshold, a short step, an entranceway, etc.
  • Make people feel safe and comfortable when getting in and out of their homes
  • Allow people to remain living in their homes
  • Provide caregivers with an easy and less stressful way of helping people to get in and out of their homes
  • Provide home access for those who use wheelchairs, electric chairs, walkers or canes or who just have issues with mobility when it comes to stepping up and down their external stairs or steep inclines

Wheelchair Ramp Basics

  • Aluminum wheelchair ramps are built to be free-standing. This means that we don’t have to attach them to your home, drill into the sidewalk, or mount to anything. They are completely independent of any other structure and can be removed very easily and without damage to property.
  • Steel ramps – very much like the aluminum – are free standing.
  • Wooden ramps can be structured exactly like the aluminum – or – they can be built like you would a deck; with treated wood or composite.
  • Cement ramps are very similar to pouring a sidewalk. In most cases, this would be for commercial use, but every customer has different requirements.
  • Portable, folding ramps that you take with you on-the-go, can be ordered in various lengths and configurations. We are a dealer for several portable ramp manufacturers.
  • We have an aluminum ramp rental program for those customers only needing a ramp for as little as three months.

What Other Home Modifications Are Typically Installed With A Wheelchair Ramp?

Our normal ramp installation in Central New York can include the installation of grab bars or the installation of handrails or a stairlift.


We are available by email or phone to answer any questions you may have about our products. We look forward to hearing from you!

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